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Konan is the only user of Paper Jutsu, excluding any CaC using it.

All of Konan's base attacks utilize Kunai. This makes her a truly specialized "Ranged" fighter compared to other characters in her class. Although she has few ways of defending herself properly in close combat, Konan is excellent at providing ranged support for her team, especially when using Angelic Advent.

Angelic Advent is a fantastic way to traverse all maps with ease while her Shikigami Dance: Shield can stop opponents in their tracks and damage or even kill NPC enemies in VR Missions. Additionally, her Shikigami Dance: Storm and Paper Clone Jutsu can severely hinder opponents by sealing their Ninjutsu and Secret Techniques.


Rank Reward
Training Rank 1 Angelic Advent Angelic Advent.png
Training Rank 2 Quality Scroll
Training Rank 3 Shikigami Dance: Shield Shikigami Shield.png
Training Rank 4 Paper Clone Jutsu Paper Clone.png
Training Rank 5 Shikigami Dance: Storm Shikigami Storm.png
Training Rank 6 Konan's Ninja Way T-Shirt Konan Shirt.jpg
Training Rank 7 Valuable Scrolls x3
Training Rank 8 Valuable Scrolls x3
Training Rank 9 Esoteric Scrolls x3
Training Rank 10 Title: Lone Flower

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