"Uses Kurama's chakra to recover all health and increase physical abilities. Jutsu refreshes the amount of Ninjutsu you can use while reducing team cooldowns. While active, you can use the Secret Command "False Fox Blast"."

Kurama Link Mode is one of the Ultimate Jutsu available to use in Shinobi Striker - a part of Season Pass 2.


The user instantly shrouds themselves in Kurama's orange chakra, refilling their health. It also increases speed, attack power and jump height, as well as restore the cooldowns on the user's jutsu, plus any allies' in range upon activation.

Activating it again creates an astral projection of Kurama's head, which quickly fires a laser in front of it.

The technique lasts until False Fox Blast is used, or around 30 seconds have passed.

Usage Tips

Upon initial activation, use it away from any enemies so you can get all health back without having to worry about getting whaled on. But when using False Fox Blast, use it fairly close to in-range enemies; the range is awful finicky despite its range.

Kurama Link Mode activation.

False Fox Blast in action.

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