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For being the first Ranged Class master, Sasuke is a lot like Kakashi, only with more offensive tools and more range thanks to his Kusanagi Sword. Despite being Ranged Class, he makes little use of his Kunai.

Chidori is fantastic at dealing damage as well as closing gaps, Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu is good for accurate, reliable damage & Kirin is a brilliant tool for wiping out great amounts of enemies in VR Missions as well as enemies online, especially in Ninja World Leagues.


Rank Reward
Training Rank 1 Chidori LB.png
Training Rank 2 Unlock Itachi UchihaItachi Logo.png /

Sasuke Costume Set Sasuke 1.jpg

Training Rank 3 Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu Fire Ball.png
Training Rank 4 Inferno Style: Flame Control Flame Control.png
Training Rank 5 Kirin Kirin.png
Training Rank 6 Sasuke's Ninja Way T-Shirt Sasuke Shirt.jpg
Training Rank 7 Valuable Scrolls x3
Training Rank 8 Valuable Scrolls x3
Training Rank 9 Esoteric Scrolls x3
Training Rank 10 Title: Uchiha Clan

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